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There are a lot of ways for you to take action and help us organize our union. One of the biggest obstacles we face is a lack of contact information about our fellow instructors. Vail has already started the anti union efforts including utilizing a very expensive anti union consulting firm (the Labor Relation Institute.) They have access to every instructor’s contact information, as well as the ability to require employees to attend meetings for the purpose of providing anti-union misinformation. Our ability to communicate with our fellow instructors is limited to individuals who voluntarily opt-in to our mailing list. That means signing up for information and encouraging your peers to do the same is critical.

Unionization Steps

  1. Collect signatures from 30% of instructors on union authorization cards.
  2. Have an election authorized through the National Labor Relations Board in which the majority of voting instructors vote to form a union. 
  3. Negotiate an employment contract between Vail Resorts and our fellow instructors in which both Vail, and the majority of instructors agree to. 

Add Your Name

Simply add your name to the list of dozens of instructors interested in unionizing. There is absolutely no commitment until there is an official vote, but knowing our numbers helps us plan for when a vote will happen.

Add Your Name

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Maybe you aren’t sure unionizing is the right move for us. Maybe you already oppose it. That is OK! We are still in this together, and we invite you to join our email list to stay informed. You can always unsubscribe at any time.

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Become a Locker Room Advocate

Let us know which POD you work out of, and we will make sure you are supplied with cards and stickers to give out to your fellow pros. Encourage them to visit this site and add their names in support

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