Earlier this year a group of Breckenridge ski and snowboard instructors drafted this petition and gathered 120 signatures. The petition was then delivered to both our local leadership team and the Vail Resorts executive team in Broomfield. Soon afterwards we saw some of the issues addressed such as semi-dedicated teaching zones on Peaks 8 and 9, as well as increased compensation for donning and doffing of equipment. While these changes have demonstrated the power of collective action, months later most of the items on this petition have been ignored. 

Because of the lack of response from management, dozens of instructors have decided that the best way forward is to form a labor union similar to what the Breckenridge, Park City, and Steven’s Pass ski patrols have already done. Click on the button below to take collective action with our fellow instructors. 

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Petition to the Management of Breckenridge Ski Resort and Vail Resorts

We, the undersigned professional snowsports instructors of the Breckenridge Ski and Snowboard School, respectfully petition the management of Breckenridge Ski Resort and Vail Resorts to address the following important and urgent topics: 

(1) the safety of the teaching environment on the mountain; 

(2) the establishment of a meaningful system to give instructors a voice in corporate policy; and 

(3) compensation and other employee policies necessary to build and retain a professional, enthusiastic and sustainable team of qualified and well-trained instructors.

In broad strokes, our list of requests is as follows:



  • Establishment of dedicated teaching-only areas to allow for safe conduct of drills at the novice, beginner, and intermediate levels
  • Creation of additional safe rest and teaching areas on slopes most often used for teaching
  • Policies to eliminate dangerous overcrowding, particularly on teaching carpets and beginner and low-intermediate runs
  • A concerted effort to educate guests about the Skiers’ Responsibility Code, and greater enforcement of that Code, particularly on runs designated as family teaching areas

Voice for Employees

  • Meaningful input from a diverse group of instructors on the corporate decisions that affect our safety and personal well-being
  • A significantly more effective Pro Committee with a line of communication to those with authority to enact change
  • Availability of an on-site Human Resources representative to directly address important and often personal/confidential employee concerns


Compensation and Other Worker Policies

  • Compensation commensurate with the expertise and work effort of instructors in light of the exorbitant cost of living in our mountain community
  • Fair compensation for the number of hours actually worked by employees, including time spent traveling to and from employer-designated parking
  • Fair compensation for days on which instructors are required to be on the mountain but are not provided the opportunity to work
  • Addressing problems associated with lesson overbooking 
  • An appropriate stipend for use of equipment necessary to perform work tasks (e.g. skis, boots, etc.), and for the upkeep of that equipment
  • Better education for guests regarding gratuities for instructors and an automated system to provide them

We look forward to a prompt response from management, either through a public communication to instructors, or by email at breckenridgeinstructors@gmail.com. We are hopeful that we can work together towards mutually beneficial solutions to our concerns.

The petition is now closed with 120 instructor signatures and is being sent to Vail Resorts Management in Broomfield. Thank you to everyone who has signed.