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In December 2021, 120 ski and snowboard instructors delivered a petition to Vail Resorts demanding that they address issues concerning safety, compensation, and communication. While some changes have shown the benefit of collective action, months later, most of those concerns have not been addressed. Since then dozens of our fellow instructors have joined together to form a labor union because we believe it is the only way to realize positive change.

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Our Purpose

A labor union is nothing more than a group of employees who work collectively for their own interests. We have decided to ask for assistance in forming our union from the Communication Workers of America because of their extensive experience with working with the ski industry. Ski patrols at Breckenridge, Big Sky, Crested Butte, Park City, Steamboat, Telluride and Stevens Pass have all unionized with the assistance of CWA. While it is not necessary to work with national union, doing so provides access to resources that would be otherwise unavailable to us. Also, their experience negotiating labor contracts with Vail Resorts in the past will prove invaluable. 

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Visit the Take Action page to learn how you can get involved. You can add your name to the growing list of your fellow instructors who want to unionize, find volunteer opportunities, or simply add your name to an email list to stay informed regardless of your position on unionization.

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Important Information

The purpose of this site is to be informative. Submitting any contact information or filling out any of the surveys does not commit you to anything. 

The only way to form a union is to hold an official election in which the majority of voters decide to form a union. Even if that happens, joining the union is still optional. Please visit the F.A.Q. page for detailed information about the process, your rights, and the anti-union tactics that Vail Resorts may employ.

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